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New Black SLT in Fort Worth, TX

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Whats up everybody? Just drove my Nitro off the lot about 30 minutes ago, and am completely ecstatic! Let the money saving for wheels begin :).
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Thanks for the welcome! I've been lurking on the forum for about two weeks now, and I must say that you guys are awesome and are very helpful! I'll post pics by the end of the week because its raining right now in Fort Worth (and supposed to rain for the rest of the week), and I'm waiting to get it detailed :)
AWESOME! Done and done!
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Thanks for such a warm welcome! I promise to put up pics soon. The weather should subside here in Fort Worth by tomorrow, taking the Nitro back to the dealership to get inspected and detailed, and then I'll snap away! I definitely want to participate in the color contest (brilliant idea by the way), so you'll be seeing plenty of pics :).

Welcome jdelord00 to the best forum on the PlaNet I see you chose the best color Nitro too So, it looks like wheels will be your first mod. What do you have in mind?
I'm not sure yet. I'm deciding between purchasing 20s or 22s. I've been doing some research on the difference in gas mileage with larger wheels, and although I would like 22s, I don't know if it would be practical for me with as much as I drive.

We agree their great, but 30 minutes? Why aren't you out driving it!
Hehehehehe...because it was a torrential down pour in Fort Worth last night, and I'm getting used to driving a "larger" vehicle (I had a old Infiniti I30 before)...but I've got a road trip planned to San Antonio this weekend (about 5 hours away) that I'm really looking forward to.
ok, we were starting to think there was sumtin wrong withca! :chuckle:
That sounds like a great trip! Take pictures at the Alamo, we'd like to see that!
LOL! Trust me, I've been itching to drive this thing as much as possible since I bought it. I hate that I only live about half a mile from work because it makes my commute so short, so I've been touring around Fort Worth after work just to get a feel for the Nitro (despite the heavy rain). And I didn't even think about taking pics of the Alamo. That will definitely be on my to do list!
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