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New Discovery

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Ok, maybe not new to everyone else but I just made a monumental discovery in my Nitro. Keep in mind I have only had it 3 days,didnt test drive it and bought it from an out of town dealer.

I just found the steering wheel radio controls!!! :ura1:

I knew it was equipped with it but have been pretty busy with work and thought the ones mounted on the front were with the stereo and I didnt have a good chance to play with it and figure it out.

Well at 5:20 in the morning on a slow night in the ER, I whipped out the manual and starting reading up. Low and behold they are on the BACK of the steering wheel!!! I was so excited and dumbfounded by my discovery I walked all the way to the garage to go check em out! The Nitro has just earned some more cool points in my eyes!

Ok, that is my funny story and I know im a fool but I am bored at work and excited for my little discovery. :wiggle2:
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Haha, that's so awesome.

I'm heading out to buy an SLT in about an hour, and when I test drove it I could not find those controls for the life of me!

Thanks for the info!
CNasty, congrats on the discovery. I'm sure you will find all kinds of nuggets of info in the manual. The steering wheel controls are a sweet feature. The problem with me, I know they are there, but haven't gotten into the habit of using them, I still go to the knobs on the radio!

Now that I am used to the buttons, I only use the radio knobs rarely. I really like that I can be listening to a rock station and just by pressing one button I can scroll thru all the rock stations on the radio, then pick just the right song for my mood, without ever looking away from the road. :Racing:
THE BOMB, you gotta leave that avatar! That is hysterical!
Thanks Marauder,
My wife and I were fooling around with the photo Suite program, and decided to play on the fact that the Nitro was built on the "liberty" frame. So we put our Electric Blue on top of the statue.
One more nice thing about the Nitro's, does people khow that the rear seats recline... Not much but enough to make it more comfy...
One more nice thing about the Nitro's, does people khow that the rear seats recline...
I guess not! When we picked up my Nitro yesterday, my dad was sitting in the back coming home. He said "I can't believe these seats don't recline," and I told him that they did. He kept swearing that they didn't and that he had tried every possible way to make them go down. So, when we got home, I got into a back seat, pulled the little thing and reclined the seat.

The expression on his face was priceless.... :eek:

The expression on my face was something like this........ :Na_Na_Na_Na:
I knew right where they were on the Nitro , but I'll never tell how long it was before I found em on the Dak.:shakehead:
We all learn something everyday don't we? Our salesman actually knew a lot about the Nitro. He is a young guy and isn't married. Guess he has a lot of time to read all the manuals.
I am so glad Im not the only one that had no clue they were there. :D

Bunch of geniuses I tell ya in this forum! But yea, life will never be the same since I found them. The controls are awesome and makes channel surfing a breeze. Only problem I have now is deciding which of the 12 presets to play from SIRIUS. A problem that I am happy to have. :pepper:
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