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Hi everyone! my name's Felix and I live in Quebec, Canada. I've been interested in cars (especially tuning and modifying them) since i'm born! although i'm usually more into japanese turbo beasts lol (supra, skyline, rx7, etc.), my parents however prefer/need a SUV so they recently bought a Nitro (i'm 17½ years old by the way). At first, I found the Nitro "ok" but the more I look at it, the more I begin to like it lol!

Cars are my passion and i'm always looking to find people to talk about them with:rolleyes:! So that's how i've ended on this forum! and also by typing "dodge nitro forum" on google :D

So i'm hoping to find some people to help me in my quest to tune my parents SUV aha, and also looking forward to exchange my knowledge with yours :D:wave:

cya on the forum! :)

P.S : the nitro my parent bought is a inferno red (I got to choose the color:pat least) Dodge Nitro SLT 2007 with the automatic transmission and the 3.7L engine :(sad isn't it? lol:)it's still is a nice car though!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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