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New here

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Ok I am new here and I am sure you all know that already.

I am in the market for an R/T. I fell in love with the NITRO the first time I saw it. Then I go to work and someone has one.

I am a die hard biker girl Race street bikes and ran a custom chopper shop ( for a few years. I am looking to get something to pull my bike on little road trips. Tired of being a ******* (no offense) But a Toyota Camry is not a truck lol.

I recently had a wreck on a bike where I as T boned by an elder woman. I am still recovering but it's going to be a while before I can ride like I once did.

So I told my self that I could buy a new car in January in order to compensate for the brand new Gsxr 1000 that got totaled. I thought well hell, get the truck and by the time I recover and can ride again I can buy a new bike then. Why buy a bike if I can’t ride it yet right.

I know most girls spend money on shoes I like toys lol. I told my boyfriend that if he ever wanted to marry me he did not have to buy me a ring but he could spend money on my bike. Needless to say there were no complaints.

So I hope to be a proud owner of a Dodge Nitro very soon.

Sorry for such a long intro but I am a female and therefore I need some attention.

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Here's some attention. Welcome to the forum. January's not so far away. So it won't be long, hopefully, til the R/T's start showing up at the dealers.
welcome to the site and look foreward to seeing pics of your new ride and answering your q`s alont the way.
Welcome and I hope you enjoy the site.

I am sure that you will get the attention you need. :rolleyes:

I have been riding bikes since I was 4 yrs old and even raced motocross for a while then move into cars and raced street stock on ovals.

But now I am older and a dedicated family man but still enjoy my passion and that is why I have a Nitro becasue it bring out the passion again for working and modifying my ride.

I hope you get your Nitro and remember to post pics when you do:ura1:
Welcome to the site,enjoy ask lots of ?'s & you will get lots of attention.
Welcome to the Forum! I grew up in Georgia - Snellville and then Valdosta area...will actually be there all next month! Hope you get your hands on a nitro! Dont be a stranger around here :)
Welcome Jess. You will find the site informative and sometimes funny. you sound like a person that knows what they want and then gets it. Go for the R/T. Stay in touch and post pics. David
Are you a member of any of the sportbike forum... GSB OR BSB ?
Seems like I've seen the name before.

I also ride....I have a gixxer 1000.
I used to ride as well..... but sold my Harley to buy a new/old ride, a 65 BB Vette with side pipes...... gotta love them old Vettes...... :Racing:

Welcome to the forum and get well quick..... :wavey:
Welcome! Get the Nitro, you will not be disappointed!:wave:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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