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Picked up my new Nitro about a month ago and WOW!!!! This is a fantastic vehicle. I come from a Ford family (worked for Ford for past 7 years and took a buyout in November, Mom retired from Ford, Uncle retired from Ford, Brother took buyout from Ford this month, 4 cousins still working for Ford . . . see my point?) and decided to take my buyout check and return the loyalty that Ford showed me by buying a DODGE!!! The first NON-Ford I have ever purchased.

This is the first vehicle that I saw an ad for, loved the style, took it for a ride, and bought exactly what I wanted with no worries. My only complaint is that the factory installed remote start shuts itself off 60 seconds after you unlock the doors. So no warming up the car as you load the cargo area. This is rough in the crazy climate of Michigan, but oh well!!

I am always in search of websites that have a nice selection of aftermarket parts, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! I am looking right now for the compartmentalized insert for under the sliding cargo floor.

I will post some pics as soon as the weather clears up and I can manage a day without any SALT DUST (MAN I HATE MICHIGAN!!! hehe) dirtying my slick ride!!

~~The Mydnyt Wolf

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Welcome to the forum my friend! Glad you made the switch over to Dodge. I too drove a Ford (F150) and now I am better for making the switch. Have fun enjoying this site and we all look forward to those pics!
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