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New Kid in Town...

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Hi everyone

Just checking in - I've had my '07 Silver SLT for about a month now, and wish I could say I'm lovin' it, but I can't. My wife, however is a different story - she's in LOVE with it! I can't get her butt out of the drivers seat LOL.
Anyway, we have just over 2000 KM now and so far, so good - no problems to speak of.
Looking forward to hanging out here and sharing experiences, good and bad.

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Hey Grindel, glad to hear your pleased with your Nitro even though the wife gets to drive more than you do. .

Do you plan on leaving it stock or doing some mods to it? Let us know if you want to mod it and I'm sure we can help you.

Welcome to the forum and hope to see you around often.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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