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New Nitro owner checking in!

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Just snagged a 08' Black SXT with Sun and Wheel package. This will be replacing my 06' Ram Truck in hopes of a little less time at the gas pump!

This Nitro is the for the woman but I will no doubt have my hands in the performance and appearance mods as already being a large part of with a modded GTP.

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Welcom Adam! I know you will enjoy the members and should find a lot of info here.

Enjoy the Nitro. I too have a Ram and figured the Nitro would help with the gas, which it has. I have been saving the Ram for the really "big jobs" but have found that my Nitro has been handling most things as well and with less gas!

I didn't buy mine for my wife, but each day I am having to "fight" her more and more in order for me to drive it. She stated just the other day how much she loves it and what a great job I did picking it out.

I know her plan...if she flatters me enough, I will give in and let her have the Nitro....

I have a better another Nitro!!! :SHOCKED:

We will see how that idea flies with my lovely, kind, caring, beautiful and intellegent wife! (See, flattery can work both ways) :hug:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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