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New RT in Calgary

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Hi everyone - I have a red RT on order. I can't wait....
I've ordered it loaded - I couldn't help myself. And I'm also going to do some engine mods - to see if I can get 350bhp out of it (it shold be easy).

I've always bought sensible cars before - Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, Saturn, Grand Caravan

This one turns my crank - and it's still sensible!!:cool:
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Ok nu2dodge. Glad you are so excited. When did they say it would be delivered? What options,ect...We want to see pics as soon as you get it... I am courious about the painted grill. I tend to like chrome.... Welcome to the site. David
Did you get the new RT loaded with the MYGIG?
Hi! Welcome to the forum!
Awesome! I bet you can't wait to get that sucker! Congrats and welcome to the forum!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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