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Fellow Nitro owners & friends - have had my NITRO SLT (Inferno Red) about a month and a half and I just am just goofy about it. It makes me smile every time I get behind the wheel - which is every damn chance I get! I am still trying to acclimate myself to a "sissy shifter" (traded-in a Mitsu 3000 VR-4), but I will eventually get my head out of my butt. Have had no probs yet which something for a first year production model. I think I got most of the "bells & whistles" with the exception of the satellite radio & navigation thingy, and even though it's still like Summer in January here in New England, the heated seats are bitchin'. One thing though - I have yet to see another NITRO on the road! HUMMMMH? Fair winds and following seas!:Racing:
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