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New SXT problems

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Well I have had my SXT for 2 weeks and I have had several issues with it. First the rear panel was scratch when we purchased it and told thm it needed to be replaced. The salesman said he would take care of it. Well they called me to come pick up the license plates and I asked the maintenance department if the panel was in and they had not even ordered it. The second issue was when my 11 year old opended the rear door the molding peeled off as it hit the front door while opening. I called the dealer and they ordered a new piece of trim. The third was a lot of wind noise and a whistle. We have had high winds here in TN when the cold front came through. When I took it in for the trim work and teh panel replacement I took the maintenance manager for a ride and he said that it was turbulance. I said it was unacceptable. It seems that the air is coming right through the wind shield. I told him my 99 Hyundai does not have this much wind noise. Oh and they ordered the wrong panel.
Well on the way home we noticed that around 40mph the thing started chugging like it was in too high of a gear and was not downshifting. Then we went over a set of RR tracks and there was a large clatter from the front right side of the car. Almost like a shock or strutt not being tight.
I will be taking it back to the dealer again next week for teh panel and will try and resolve the other issues.
Has anyone else had any of these issues? What are the fixes?
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These don't sound like the typical Nitro problems to me. Are there Lemon Laws in your state? This nitro sounds seriously messed up.

I live in windy country and don't have wind noise.

I've taken a lot of the trim panels of for my own wiring job and haven't had any problems with peeling or what not - they seem pretty solid to me.

I have had a wheel bearing problem (getting that fixed today) at 7k but chalking that up to a fluke.

Not sure about the transmisson problem but that doesn't sound like the typical transmission "learning curve."

I'd say your nitro problems are NOT typical and indicitive of future problems to come. See about getting a refund.
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