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New Wheels

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Added pics to photo album of new wheels and tires along with window tint on the front windows. Wheels are 20x8.5 with a 40mm offset, black chrome powdercoat process. Tires are 275/40/20. Right now has Eibach prototype springs with a 1 1/2" drop.
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That is looking too nice! Very good choice for wheels. :D

Did you match the front windows to the back?

What brand tire is that?
Those are some great looking wheels.:rockon:
Thanks. The windows are a touch lighter than the backs. Probably gonna retint the very back windows darker.
Looking good. I am trying to decide to do the windows. I cannot put the darkest on though. Can only go 35% in Nc.
In CA we're not supposed to tint anything in the front at all. Hard to resist on all black though.
Very cool! I like that style of wheels. I've seen pictures with 6 spokes also of similar wheels. Who sells them?
Do ya ever get scared walking up to that thing? Because it is seriously wicked with those wheels!!! The drops rock! :4-jump2:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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