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Newb from Ontario Canada

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Yeah, I know, another newbie:rolleyes: Just got my '07 SXT used last week. I wasn't really looking, but one of my customers( I service a lot of dealers in my line of work), gave me a killer deal.
I can't believe how much different it is than my '03 Liberty (which is now for sale, lol). Same engine but better mileage, smoother, quieter, much better seats, places to actually put things like change, etc. Just so many more features and a pleasure to drive.
I may miss the 4-lo transfer case in the Jeep, but maybe thats why the Nitro gets better mileage.
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Welcome, Neighbour! :)

Congrats on finding the BEST Nitro forum on the web! The info is great and the people, top-rate! :smileup:
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