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Hey Dodge lovers and love/haters!
Please excuse me if I’m not doing this right, it’s literally the first time I’ve joined a forum and yes I’m a woman who likes to fix her own cars, but have no mechanical experience, but I get it I’m not completely wet behind the ears. 😊
I have a 2009 Nitro SXT... 2.8 Diesel.
Had it about a year...

Was running fine ... then alternator went.
Replaced it.

Then I noticed a crack in the hose that goes to the throttle body, I taped it up and it seemed to work fine.

then I noticed what seems to be a slice on the max air flow filter and so I sealed it with a white doe kind of substance that handles heat and cool well and it seems to be holding up fine.

However it’s lost power somewhere along the line so I’ve been going through the process of cleaning and adjusting things fromYouTube videos.

here’s what I’ve done...

• cleaned the mass air flow filter inside with special cleaner
• cleaned the throttle body with special cleaner * noticed the butterfly is always open but on videos it was closed...what to do???
• flushed the radiator
• sealed a leak in the radiator
• put new brakes and rotors on all 4 wheels * was lurching when I braked going downhill and made crank sound when also turning a corner whilst going downhill however this has all stopped now
* sealed the pipe that goes to the throttle body... *need new pipe but hanging in there as expensive but aware this could be the problem ???

• sealed the mass air flow filter * had a sliced hole in the top

when I remove the wastegate arm
It drives great
When I put it back on it’s loses power and blows either black or grey smoke particularly going uphill. to me the next move would be to change the actuator (wastegate)
What do you do think???

does this sound right to everyone/anyone?

I’m concerned I’m doing damage driving it
But I need it for work
But I want it fixed as it’s stressing me out constantly driving at 10km
Its particularly bad driving up hill, if I was to push it the engine light goes on and it then will drop to ?(limp mode)

I’ve noticed black sludge in the throttle body when I cleaned it
Around the side of the head and possibly leaking out of the gasket

it whistles but only for a little while then it stops

and again sorry for the mega newbie post and please ask for anymore info that you may require or tell me if I’m doing anything wrong here

thanks everyone

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Hello and welcome @WheelsNDollBaby, to the Nitro “Z” family!

I'm looking forward to your future posts & Pics. We love Pics here!
We also like new Mod ideas.

Enjoy the forumZ.

If you could please go to your signature (<click this) and put the info about your rig on the first line. It will be easier for us to answer your questions down the road, without us having to ask a bunch of questions.

As you can see under every post I make;
This is what I drive:
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