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Newbie Check-in

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Hey gang, got my new Nitro about 6 weeks ago and I'm runnin the wheels off it and I like it. We build custom homes and I'm off the road, in the sand, in the mud and this little wagon does all right. I was looking on the net for service manuals for this Nitro and I ran across this I've had large pick-ups till now, what a change. I'm looking forward to you and this site. Thanks
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Welcome to the best Nitro Forum on the web. Hope to see some pics of your Nitro in the near future. :ura1:
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Welcome to the forum , show us some mud when you get a chance.:pepper:
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Welcome to the forum! :beerchug:

NitroShark! That's the spirit! :woohoo:
Welcome to the NItro brotherhood Marty! Ebay is your best friend for the service manual! I've seen one there on a DVD. Cheers!:Racing:
Welcome Marty. You will enjoy the forum and it may add to you Nitro fun.

Hello all, I just bought my Nitro 8 days ago right off the showroom floor. I love it, it has to be the best car I ever owned. I love the pictures on this site, some people have some absoultly beautiful Nitro's. I am just starting to deck my Nitro out. I just put the chrome gas door and the Chrome Nitro door protectors on and now this weekend I'm installing the Electric Blue interior accents in it. I can't wait! I purchased the R/T Nitro because I wanted the bigger engine, not to mention it called out to me. I think it must have been the 20' chrome wheels, but I absoutley love it. I have a question, does anyone have the aftermarket navigation system? The reason I asked was mine didn't come with the Nav. system, I got the 6 disc player, DVD, and all that stuff, but no navigation system. Before I spend the money on it, I wanted to get everyone's opinion on them. I appreciate any assistance.
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