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"Newbie Checkin" in NJ

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Hi Everyone!

I just got my new Nitro the last week of September. I absolutely love it! It is the best ride ever and sooooo sharp lookin'. I got the inferno red with sunroof. I will send picture later today. Have a good one.:)
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Hello Mlahic. Interesting profile name. I'm a fellow Jerseyite. I just picked up my black SLT last week. It was a month late, but I love it. I'm starting to bling it up. I've got chrome door handles, side mirror covers, tail light covers and a sunroof air deflector on order. I have an upper and lower grill from Carriage Works (thanks Waldorf) as well as a K&N CAI being installed tomorrow. I have black American Racing wheels on order.

I've never added a mod to any car I've bought before but this truck is different for some reason. I can't explain it.
I'm still looking at a Jet Chip and headers possibly. Then I think I'm done, lol.

Any plans for some mods Mlahic?
Go to the member's gallery and do search on my user name.

Check out my black & Red leather seats--- these are an aftermarket item to think about---- The look great on a black nitro.

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