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My wife bought a Nitro yesterday.Congrats right ? I'm not sure,she got the dealer to throw-in a remote start kit,which they ordered.Seeing other members troubles with...should I install,or go aftermarket,or tell her to go order a new one with all options.Also thought Bluetooth worked,has button,sz not available Can this be added?I haven't played with anything,or even driven it! I'm an ex-GM tech,I like Mopars-I like all cars,just don't know everything in my brain.That's what forms and manuals are for! Speaking of...where can I get a factory manual?
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Welcome to the site enjoy, Don't worry about your ride your production date is most likely past the problem stage. Everything you need to know about the remote start is in here to read, & the u-connect does not work unless fact. installed dealer installs can be added.Manuals are out there either dealer(spendy) or ebay( still not cheap) but they are there.Lots of god folks here with answers to any ?'s you have.

I've looked around the site,and found more info,still don't know what to do about the start.Did order cd manual from Dodge.My wife has been gone showing off all day,maybe she'll come home soon drive,or at least make dinner :cool:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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