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Greetings from Finland. I purchased my nitro just a week ago and i instantly fell in love with it. :love: It's my first American made car and all i can think is wow, how could i've been living without it.

Me and my wife have a five year old boy and a month ago, our babygirl was born, so our former opel astra sports tourer was getting a bit small. We were looking spacious family cars with low consumption, but when we kinda accidentally took nitro for a test drive, we both knew that it was our car. :LOL:

Gasoline prices here in Finland are pretty high, about 1.75 euros per litre, but still, i love our nitro so much that gas prices doesn't really matter.

R/T nitros are rare here in Finland, as our nitro was the only one for sale in whole country. There are some diesel models for sale, but i have had some bad experiences of them 2.8 VM diesel engines.

All in all, nitro is the car i have been looking for all my life. ❤

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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