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Hello everyone, I've owned my 2007 Nitro SLT 4X4 since September 2012 when I purchased it used from the local Dodge dealer in Lincoln, ME. That's when I gave up on the family van (1996 Plymouth Voyager 250k miles) when electrical problems couldn't be solved. I miss the van that I used for hauling everything from the family and camp gear, to a full load of chimney bricks. Things have simplified since then and I enjoy having this Nitro to tow, haul gear, and get around in the deep winter snows. My mods are simple so far: a tow hitch, top rails and kayak carrier. I use the tow hitch mostly for the MTB bike carrier and plan to add a roof pod for more outdoor gear capacity. Good to see there is a Nitro following here. :cool:

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Hello and welcome MainelyMann,
to the Nitro “Z” family!
Glad to hear the Nitro has been treating you well.
I'm looking forward to your future posts & Pics. We love Pics here!
We also like new Mod ideas.

Enjoy the forumZ.

If you could please go to your personal-details and fill in the “Vehicle:” info about your rig, then it will be easier for us to answer your questions down the road, without us having to ask a bunch of questions.

As you can see at the left of every post I make;
This is what I drive:
Vehicle: 07Lifted,4X4,6sp-man,3.7L

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Welcome to the forum! Good to have you here. Enjoy!

BTW... Post a pic of your Nitro when you can!
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