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Hey all. Newbie here and I need help. I have a 2010 Nitro that randomly started having prkLt/blinker issues on drvr side. My dad was the master mechanic whom I would normally turn to for all things electric/maintenance related. He is unfortunately no longer with us and I am left to fend for my self with little knowledge on the subject and hardly any money in the wallet. Id love to make dad proud and figure this issue out and tackle it myself with help from lovely experienced kind hearted Nitro people such as yourselves. 馃榾
So far when I turn the batt with lights off, blinker works normal speed for >2mns but is dim. I switch to prkLts on, no light. No blinker, however the indicator flashes normal for 5sec then fast. Change back to lights off, blinker and indicator are on fast and dim. I turn batt off and I am able to repeat and predict the process.....
Because I am able to predict the process after a few sec of batt being off...would this be ground issue? Can other lights (such as side marker) being blown cause seperate light issues???? HEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!!

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Usually a fast blinker means you have a light bulb out on either the front turn signal or rear.

I would get your battery and charging system checked out by an auto parts store; they usually do that for free. Could be your battery is bad or the whole charging system (like alternator) is no bueno.

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the most common cause of this issue is a bad ground, it normally is within the wiring harness, why it becomes a issue no one really knows for sure, it means tearing the wiring harness appart which can end up being a big job,

so most people simply splice in a new ground wire,
connect one end of the new wire to the negative wire of the turn signal (near the bulb connector ) and the other end of the wire to any part of the metal body of the vehicle,
under the battery ( you need to remove the battery) there is a chassis grounding stud, there are many ground wires connected here and its the ground point for both front turn signal, it can get badly corroded, you need to check this first, make sure it is all clean and in good condition,( mine was so badly corroded i had to drill out a new hole and make a new ground point),
also could be the bulb holder itself making bad contact with bulb,
at the rear lights it it quite common for the plastic bulb holder and connectors to suffer from heat damage,
and if you have a tow hitch the fault could stem from the hitch electrics,
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