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newbie with a question

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hey everybody!
just got my new black nitro. LOVE IT!!!!. I am having a problem with the dvd system. I can't play a dvd for the kids and listen to music while I am driving. Of course I didn't get a manual. Any help out there:Racing:
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Someone will chime in in a minute with that info. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the site enjoy, DAYLEY is right someone will pop up quick or you can go to int. mods thread & post you will get answers there.:pepper:
Welcome to the group!

When the kids DVD is playing they put on their headphones (the system is supposed to come with 2 wireless headphones) and then you select the button for the radio or Sirius and hear that over the Nitro's speakers. You still control the master volume for their headphones, so if they're too loud you can press the DVD button and adjust it accordingly. They have a volume control dial on the side but I've found that the volume still gets too loud. Keep in mind that they can hear what your playing if it's too loud, so no rockin' out
:ylsuper: while they watch their movie.

And, why didn't you get a manual? :confused: Is this common? I've received one for every new vehicle without asking...

I never received a manual for my VES either.. when i asked the dealership they had no idea what i was talking about and said they would get back to me.. that was 2 weeks ago..
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