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Newbie with stalling Issue

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I was driving on the freeway when my Nitro cut off at about 50 mph. then a couple of second later turn back on. I went to the dealership and was told it was the computer (5-8-2007). I will keep you posted if this fix the problem. also my DVD changer was getting a disk read error. Also they will replace it, but will take 4-6 weeks to get one in.
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What a Shame!

It's now a totalled wreck and I am lucky I walked away with my life! ... My Nitro was only 6 months old when it met it's death.
What a shame that is! I am pleased that you escaped serious injury. It is going to be a difficult task finding a vehicle that is as satisfying to drive and creates such interest as a Nitro. Are you determined not to replace your destroyed Nitro with another Nitro? It sounds as if you are, and I can understand your concern.

- David
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