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Nitro A/C staying on then won't come back on.

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A great start to my Thursday. So I get to work this morning go to get out of the Nitro and the A/C is still running. “Note” the car is off I wasn’t still asleep. So I get back in start the Nitro killed the Nitro A/C still running. So I just turn it down get inside the office call the local service department. They say bring it in Tuesday morning. I am like the A/C won’t go off. So you want me to tow it in Tuesday I don’t drive on the weekends so it is going to set outside with some electronic pulling current all weekend. Anyway I go outside a minute ago and the A/C will not even come on the gauge cluster lights up A/C light comes on but no compressor or blower motor. This sucks this is the first thing I have had go wrong with the Nitro.

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that is strange! The video wouldn't work for me, sounds like its haunted ! :SHOCKED: MG any comment?
Yes that worked, Weird! :eek: did you try disconnecting the battery for a longer time?
Dang Dk did ya not read the post? :)
Whoops ! I was thinking of the vid , An hour that should have worked if it reset , have you had an exorcist yet? :eek:
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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