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Nitro In HAWAII!

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Just got a Nitro two days ago but its sick!
Great car! suspension is awesome =)
But yeah did anyone do any mods yet?? ill post pics up later! ;)
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Aloha! Welcome to the forums!
Welcome! The only thing we have done is had the front windows and the whole windshield tinted. We hope to put crome 20's on soon.
Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your new purchase. As far as mods, I've installed 20" chrome rims, retinted all the windows, and installed the chrome door sill guards. Others mods coming soon!!!
Welcome to the forum if you read through the Int. & ext. Mod sections you will see there is quite a bit going on.
Congrats! - Ill actually be in Hawaii in 2 weeks! Welcome to the forum :)
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