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Nitro in Snow

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I got my Nitro right after New Years. We've had quite a bit of snow in Wisconsin this year. The Nitro runs great in the snow It has the 20" wheels which extend a bit past the body and throws a lot of slush on the body. I'm thinking about adding mud flaps and also a rear spoiler to help keep the tail gate cleaner. Are these accessories something that is easy to install. I looked at both items online but there's no
instructions. Does anybody have experience installing these?
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Hello Mean Girl,

Thanks forthe link. I found this forum by gooogling Dodge Nitro Accessories and the forum and it was about 9 down the list. So I thought I'd check it out. I just retired and had been driving caravans for a long time. I wanted something sportier, smaller and with more towing capacity. I love the car. It might not be what you'd expect from a retiree but my "real age" is a lot less than my chronological age.

Thanks for your help.
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