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Hey all..

First post.. Just wanted to say Hi. I just got my Electric Blue SLT Dodge Monday. So far I'm lovin it, except for some minor electrical issues.. (door locks aren't working..)

I'd like to get some pics, but it's slightly covered with snow, as anyone in the WNY area currently knows. :D But, if you were at the Buffalo Auto Show, you may have seen it on display on the second floor. All those people getting their finger prints all over it.. It was horrible, but I'm over it now. heh.

Hoping to put my old system into it when (if?) the weather gets nicer.. For now, here's some pics of my old system in my old car.. I do hope I can get all of this into the new Nitro.

D`Arvit Reehmicks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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