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Nitro owner in Virginia

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Hello all
I'm the proud owner of a Sunburst Orange SLT.

Looking forward to meeting folks around here, and getting ideas for my Nitro.
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Welcome to the forums! So many new members signing up I can hardly welcome everyone fast enough! :)
I'll Introduce myself and Welcome to the No.1 Nitro Forum on the planet!!:wave:
Welcome. Hope you enjoy the forum. It has been very helpful to us so far.
Welcome Toky. What part of Va. you in.?? I was just up there today.. Martinsville/Stuart area.
Welcome to the forum, glad to have you. Post some pics when you can.
Yep, like Larry said... #1 Nitro forum on the errr internet! :D By the way, welcome! Don't forget to take some pics of the starburst, I mean sunburst orange Nitro.
So, not sure what happened... I opened my account but i guess it was deleted due to inactivity?

My Nitro has been parked for about 6months...sad. I will try to get'er fixed tomorrow.

Need to buy some break-pads so I can swap them out.

I found a thread here about "coloring calipers" but it does not have the pictures anymore ;-( any one has them saved somewhere? I'm not that big on mechanics so pics will help alot, also its pretty cold outside for me already (I'm originally from Puerto Rico so anything below 70 is freezing for me).

Last but not least, IF anyone has suggestions on what pads to get please post it here, I plan to go buy them tomorrow.

Thanks in advance
Welcome back ToKy!:wavey:
Toky try R1-Concepts they have a good selection and they are vendor on this site.
Give them a look see!
Welcome Toky...Happy to see that smiling ,but frozed face once again..:D
in Va as well.. Stephens city....we got a Sunburst orange R/T...and we just love it so far
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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