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Todays pictures were taken before some dumb ass decided to run into my backend! Not too much damage, hopefully the rear bumper can be repainted without too much hassle. SOB!

Anyway we rolled into Porthleven Harbour, not literally of course, to calm down and have a nice coffee and Cornish pasty.

In the picture is our dog, Carter, a Jack Russell, check out his authentic MA1 Jacket!

The other pictures are in front of St Micheals Mount near to Penzance.

I'm still really p...ed though! :i_rolleyes:


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stealthmeister i feel for you
Did you get there details if so insist on a new bumper and not a repair,repairs to plastic bumpers are not good and being black you will see it when repaired

good luck
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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