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Nitro Problems

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Hi everybody.

My wife got a new Nitro about 1 month ago and we made a trip from Mont-Tremblant Quebec to Florida.

Here are the problems on our Nitro.

1-- The heater does not work properly. Almost no floor heat. Something is bloking the air and part of it is coming from the top vent. If somebody had this problem and got it fixed, please let me know what was the solution.

2-- During our trip, All the light in the dashboard came on for no reason.

3-- Air condition bearely cold.. The Venice Florida dealer said it was normal.. I dont beleive that.

4-- When in 4-wheel mode, it makes a lot of noise.
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Welcome to the site, your problems are not unheard of & there are threads related to them in the forum here use the search & related issues will come up with answers. Or post this in the Mech, problems section & get lots of answers.:wave:
cold ac

PeteBall, I live in gilbert AZ and today it was 91 degrees and my AC worked great even after the car sat in sun all day at work. I had a F150 that didn't cool down until I was almost home, about 25 miles . You must have a problem with yours. I would have your dealer check it out.
That is just what i did today, i went to the dealer and i should know by tomorrow.

4-- When in 4-wheel mode, it makes a lot of noise.
Did you use 4-wheel mode in dry pavement?
Did you use 4-wheel mode in dry pavement?
Yes i did and its probably due to the Part time 4 wd system.
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