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Nitro R/T 4x4 Sunburst Orange - Hard to Get!

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I just put down several thousand $ on a new Nitro R/T 4x4 Sunburst Orange (with sunroof, 20" wheels, etc etc), and my dealer can't seem to find one for me ANYWHERE! Anyone have any experience with how long it takes to locate one, or do you have to wait for Dodge to build one? (The dealer says that may take 6-8 weeks...argh!!!) :(

And apparently Dodge doesn't currently have MyGig available...they tell me maybe mid 2007...bummer... :confused:

Thanx! :D
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You have bad info, ws1o. Don't hardly know where to start. If you order an R/T 4X4, no matter the color, it will take more like 12 weeks.

MyGIG is available, however leather is on restriction. That means it is slow moving.

Mid summer, the factory is on break (July). Last date to order an '07 is April 13th. First day to order an '08 is on June 11, but they won't go into production until August.

There are a lot of posts on this site about MyGIG. Please use the search feature. You will be surprised what you can learn that dealers don't bother to tell anyone. Oh, since I can't find your first post, welcome to NitroforumZ.
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