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Nitro R/T side mirrors and blind spots

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I have noticed pretty significant blind spots from both side mirrors that I have not experienced with my previous cars and trucks. I am tall and run with the seat all the way back. I have worked and worked with this to get the blind spots filled in but no matter what I do, I still get an incomplete view from the side mirrors. I drive a nasty Northern California freeway commute with a bit of necessary lane changing so the blind spot issue is constantly challenging. In comparing with other cars, I notice the distance of the Nitro mirrors away from the body seems greater than on most cars, and I feel this may contribute to the blind spot. MUTH mirrors does not have a retrofit mirror for the Nitro. I tried to contact Chrysler engineering thrugh the Dodge owners "customer service" on-line registration but they just blew me off, indicating that their customer service is apparently only geared to sending advertising e-mails to their customers, no serious questions accepted. I am wondering if any other Chrysler cars have more suitable side mirrors that would retrofit to the Nitro. Any help greatly appreciated. Function is more important than aesthetics right now, but no stick-ons please, I want real mirrors if I can get them.

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hey FD, I too have the blindspot issue, but I do , being a mom and caring my most precious cargo around, appreciate them. if the side curtain airbags were not there the design may have been skinnier columns.

I am going to purchase the little rounds, my commute as stated before is also an ugly one, I nearly killed this little guy in miata. i usually turn my head and not rely on the mirrors too much. hopefully with the nitro and it's popularity the designer mirrors will be an option or you could design one and then sell them to all of us. either way good luck!
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