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Nitro Rear Spoiler

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rear spoiler

:Racing: duceduce, how does that install, did you or the dealer do it, i think it looks good:wave:
Hey Duceduce, how about a side view? Have you installed it or is this a promo shot? Notice any difference in the wind or how clean the back of your rig stays?
This was a pic that I found. I have a white Nitro & was just wondering if I should get a spoiler, I think it looks cool but was just wanting other oppinions & input from fellow Nitromaniacs.:SHOCKED:


:Racing: i agree im not to sure i like it, would have to see one in person, im leaning more towards the mopar rear spoiler:wave:
i think is nice

when i went to purchase my nitro i was looking for a 6 speed and the only one they had in the the dealer was a silver one with the spoiler, it was the only one it looked very unique and cool. I think you should go for it.
Yea, I'd be worried about skis in the rack hitting it. They wouldn't get anywhere near the other style of spoiler.
Just my opinion but it doesnt do anything for me

But if you like it thats all that counts!!!
I am with WB...
I looked at those type, but to me it makes the rear end look :SHOCKED: to much like a minivan. I like the basic deflector best I think...
Mine is the mopar one & I like it , But that one also looks good, good thing I got mine as part of the deal for the truck or I'd be a real mess trying to figure which way to go.:pepper:
............. I'd be a real mess trying to figure which way to go.:pepper:
Ahhhhemmmm........ out of respect for our elders, I'll stay away from that one. :beerchug:
Thanks for the thought AirJunky, but I was born with a head full of dumb & still have 95% of it at this age. Just learned to live with Oh should have my intake by the end of the week will get it right on & get pics up.:pepper:
HEhehe, good deal. Lookin forward to checkin it out.

I had a thought about the temps of the metal tube too. Use one of those stick on thermometers. Cheap & you can pop the hood & see the temps real time, anytime.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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