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Yes you read right.

My Nitro has been having all kinds of new little squeaks and rattles and clunks since the temps have gone from a cool 65 to a now 102 today.

My hatch cover, the plastic on the inside, is the worst. I finally gave up on pushing or squeezing it back into place and i put Velcro around the edges of the plastic that surrounds the back glass, it buzzed every single time i turned the radio above 14. It looks factory believe it or not, i just put the fuzzy side facing the plastic and DING done.
Also the the visible interior weather stripping on the passenger door has expanded and now is extremely wrinkled, the dealer calls it warped as my first set of front door panels were.

Does anyone know what the little device is that is under the plastic on the back hatch? I though it was the locking mechanism but it really has nothing to do with it . So NITROTECH what is this thingy? :confused:

Not everyone may know this but i noticed it on my personal inspection i have every time i get it back from the dealer, or tune my amp. The backseat covers maybe UNhooked.
Such as the front seats have been known to do. I noticed and stretched it taut until it hooked onto the metal brackets underneath the seat, ALL of mine were off, all 4. Their are 2 for the small folding seat and 2 for the larger side.

BE CAREFUL ON THE PASSENGER SIDE, i dont know what it is down there but while i was hooking it up, i sliced my hand up on something so sharp i didnt even notice until i pulled my hand out and blood was coming down it,so BE CAREFUL, wear a glove.
And do it quick, dont let it sit, the longer it sits the harder it will be to stretch it again!:smileup:
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