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Nitro to Retro Power Wagon Carryall, can it be done?

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Here's what I want to do when I get mine. Take the plastic flares off, and replacing them with fabbed sheet metal flat fenders, similar to what you would find on an old WC style Power Wagon. Put 2" of lift, and, at this point, not sure about tire sizes (just finished reading about the close clearances). Really, that's the main thing I want to do to it. I also want to know about how I can get rid of the 3.21 gears that come with the 6-Speed Manual, and put some 3.73's in there. Mine will be a 4x4. I'm so glad that I found this forum, you guys have a wealth of info here!! Probably by the end of the summer, I will have a Nitro, the poor '92 Wrangler needs a rest and rebuilding after driving me 206K miles with NO PROBLEMS!! Thanks for any and all input!!!

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I like the ideas you have outlined, have you had anyone look at doing your fenders?
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