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I had my Nitro in last week for the abs recall repair and asked them to look at the transmission as it was shifting ruff. They flashed it several times and thought they were going to have to pull the transmission. They let me take it home and said let them know if its still not right.
Transmission seems better tho I'm not sure I'd say right. I have still noticed a few clunks when it shifts into 1st gear. (not every time)
I got into my nitro this afternoon and had a new issue. My radio was completely black. No time nothing. I pushed it a few times, and nothing. I tried several times on my way home and nothing. Just before I got home (40 min drive with no music) I pushed the button again and like magic it was back. I know if I take it in with the radio that wasn't working and now is there going to think I'm crazy. Anyone had a intermittant issue like this?
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