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Well my Nitro die for the 4th time this week on the Inter State in Memphis, TN .
I spoke with a Mr Clark at Crysler and was told that untill they can duplicate the problem at the dealership that there is not a thing that can be done to fix our Nitro.
******Until we all call NHTSA phone # 1-888-327-4236 or go to and file a complaint and also to your State Attorneys' office or until someone gets killed we are not going to get any help. PLEASE EVERYONE CALL and file a complaint.******
I for one do not feel safe nor do I enjoy my Niro anymore. If you are one of the luckly one and the dealship has fixed the problem pleas let me know. Also what was this recall in brakes. My dealship has not hear anything about it????? HELP
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Brenda, I am very sorry to hear of the repeated problems with your Nitro. While you are not the first to report this problem, you seem to have experienced it more often and in a shorter period of time than anyone else that has posted. Also, you stated on a previous post that it was off for about 15 seconds. This is for a longer period of time (relatively speaking) than most others have noticed. They have said 2-3 seconds.

When was your vehicle built? The date is on the little white sticker on the center post lower right after you open the drivers door. The date is near the lower left of this tag. If it was built this year, in 2007, it may not have been included in the brake recall and is fine. Also, what is your mileage?
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