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No R/T's in B.C. until July?

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Here is my dealers email from today:

Good Afternoon Greg,
To date this dealership has not received any RTs. – as far as I know no local dealerships have received any RTs……
At this point you have several options:
1) Continue to wait for your factory order to arrive – which may not be until July – August – September
2) Cancel your factory order and submit a factory for the 2008 Dodge Nitro RT – which then should arrive September – October
3) Cancel your factory order and order another vehicle
Please advise how you would like to proceed.
Many Regards,

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That's not good !!!! Sorry man !!!! I waited 9 weeks for mine and just picked it up last Friday. I you are determined to wait I think it will be well worth it !!! Good Luck !!!
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