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No R/T's in B.C. until July?

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Here is my dealers email from today:

Good Afternoon Greg,
To date this dealership has not received any RTs. – as far as I know no local dealerships have received any RTs……
At this point you have several options:
1) Continue to wait for your factory order to arrive – which may not be until July – August – September
2) Cancel your factory order and submit a factory for the 2008 Dodge Nitro RT – which then should arrive September – October
3) Cancel your factory order and order another vehicle
Please advise how you would like to proceed.
Many Regards,

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just spoke with my dealer in Hamilton, and he says that he placed an order for a customer last week, that Chrysler called back saying they wouldn't build it this model year. so the rumour is not a rumor, but a pure production reality based on the number of orders. he did tell me that mine will be built as the order was accepted and picked up by their scheduling department, but there is no word on when yet. I'm hoping this is true!!!
that's good news, because I ordered my fully loaded electric blue R/T the first week of MARCH! I hope I get it soon!
oops, I forgot to write that I read the Toledo, OH plant that builds these things has a new flexible production line system that allows them to switch from one model to the next and even to Jeep Liberty's on the fly as the production line is going. Doesn't sound like they need much "retooling" if this is true!

If they want to build me an '08 that's fine too! LOL!
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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