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"No Reception" on Radio

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My radio is only giving reception in city area. Once I get out of the city=no reception. Anyone else experience this?
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Only on the radio, FM or AM. It was okay while under warranty, of course; but now a few miles from a station, and nada reception:shakehead:
Sounds like your antenna cable is detached.
Yeah, you would think so, but I took it out and without the antenna cable plugged in, its even worse.

A local radio shop wants money to just open it up, so I've decided to try and get a 6-disc; does anybody have one that has been replaced by aftermarket? LMK please:smileup:
Sounds like your antenna cable is detached.
What year is your Nitro?.......I have the WARRANTY to look after junk like this.....
I'd take it to he dealer and get him to stand behind the warranty!!!! and FIX IT!..................our FIX HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ha, I'm way over warranty, and actually this is the only problem I've had.
Still looking for a 6 disc:D
Yup, thanks for the tip. I did take the radio out and unplugged the antenna-then I didn't get any city reception either, plugged it back in and local reception returned, so I really think its in the radio.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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