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I have just bought a Nokia bluetooth and installed it (well not much of an install - plug it in the 12v socket, then pair it with my bluetooth phone),8764,97934,00.html

Fitting (rating 9/10)
Just plug it in your 12V socket. It fitted perfectly right in the front socket of the Nitro and does not obstruct any control. My only minor gripe (not the Nokia's fault) is that the 12V socket is on the far side of the middle console instead of close to us RHS drivers.

Sound quality (9/10)
The speaker was loud enough, and the person on the other end can hear me well, despite the mic being over 1 metre away and lower down from me.

User-friendliness/ease of use (10/10)
Simple to use (and feel if you want to keep your eyes on the road) volume control and answer/call buttons that are decent sizes. Once you pair it up the phone, you just forget about it from then on. The Nokia turns on as soon as you turn the key and automatically connect to the the bluetooth phone. It turns off when you take out the key.

Value (10/10)
For the quality and ease of use, it is inexpensive at under AU$90. I am sure you can get it cheaply in US and Europe as well.
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