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not happy so far

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:( I recently bought a new 08 Nitro SLT.
less than 2000 miles and it has been in the shop 3 times for a total of 10 days, and needs to go back again.

so far, new rear axle, new rear differential, new gears.
refitted plastic trim on passenger side, replaced damaged wheel ( dealer added 22" wheels but one had curb rash)

today, both front head lights burned out at the same time, not a fuse cause we got new lights from the autoparts place and they work fine.

there is some rattle in the dash, sometimes when you start it it freaks out like it is possesed.

the dealer said they don't have to deal with lemon law because that goes against Dodge not the dealer.

anything yall can suggest. I am about to tell the dealership to buy it back from us.

We got it on November 3rd
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the rear axle start humming while going down the highway, anything over 55 and it was noticable, anything over 65 and it was louder than the sterio.

turned out the ring and pinion were not set up right from the factory.

I will be calling a lawyer soon, and who at Dodge should I try to contact?
have you taken it to the dealer yet? start there...this is a warranty issue.
I apologize, I didn't read your first post on this, just your last one. Sorry to hear about your Nitro issues. Maybe you need to call Chrysler and demand a replacement vehicle. Another member has done this already and did get a new vehicle.
sorry about your Chrysler dealings, I wouldn't let that go if it were me, I would go on a crusade and make them pay! Is that a Nissan truck?
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