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not happy so far

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:( I recently bought a new 08 Nitro SLT.
less than 2000 miles and it has been in the shop 3 times for a total of 10 days, and needs to go back again.

so far, new rear axle, new rear differential, new gears.
refitted plastic trim on passenger side, replaced damaged wheel ( dealer added 22" wheels but one had curb rash)

today, both front head lights burned out at the same time, not a fuse cause we got new lights from the autoparts place and they work fine.

there is some rattle in the dash, sometimes when you start it it freaks out like it is possesed.

the dealer said they don't have to deal with lemon law because that goes against Dodge not the dealer.

anything yall can suggest. I am about to tell the dealership to buy it back from us.

We got it on November 3rd
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Hey Captain J, I too am really sorry to hear about your woes, I know that doesn't do you much good but I'm on your side anyway. This hardest part of being a MRM on this forum is trying to help members like yourself who have had many issues with their Nitros.

Unfortunately there will always be some dealerships who are only interested in sales and not the after sales support. I really hope you're wife gets thing fixed before you get back to shore, if not go back to them with all guns blazing. Sometimes that's all it takes for them to get serious. You shouldn't have to do this but sometimes you have no choice.
well, the problems seem to fixd, but the customer service has taken a huge hit in the negative,

So anybody know off hand the contact info for TX or Houston area representatives
I'm glad to hear your problems are fixed. Go straight to Chrysler head office if you need to complain about bad service.
and here we go again, new loud noise from the rear axle area. Dropped it off at the dealer/shop tonight. Though they wont look at it until Wednesday due to the holiday and the service dept being closed on weekends.

how do I get ahold of the srea representative????
looked all over the internet and not found the number yet.

btw, the milage on the odometer is now 2640
Go here and tell Chrysler what's going on with your Nitro. Bottom right there's a 'Need help' section,. From there you can select Customer assistance and it links you to an email and phone # at head office in Auburn Hills. Took me about 2 mins to find it...
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