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not happy so far

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:( I recently bought a new 08 Nitro SLT.
less than 2000 miles and it has been in the shop 3 times for a total of 10 days, and needs to go back again.

so far, new rear axle, new rear differential, new gears.
refitted plastic trim on passenger side, replaced damaged wheel ( dealer added 22" wheels but one had curb rash)

today, both front head lights burned out at the same time, not a fuse cause we got new lights from the autoparts place and they work fine.

there is some rattle in the dash, sometimes when you start it it freaks out like it is possesed.

the dealer said they don't have to deal with lemon law because that goes against Dodge not the dealer.

anything yall can suggest. I am about to tell the dealership to buy it back from us.

We got it on November 3rd
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Did they check to see if your axle housing is bent/damaged/defective in any way the first time the swapped the ring and pinion?

As far as your electrical issues, it sounds as if a ground was not connected from day 1 on the assembly line.
ok, Email has been sent, I am standing by for the holidays as I am sure nobody is inthe office to read the email.
I have the phone number written down too.

The nitro is still in the shop as the dealership service dept is not open on weekends or holidays or whenever they feel like it seems like.
so I hope to here something by wednesday or Thursday and will et yall know what they come up with.
I would find a different dealer to go to for your repairs, you should be go anywhere for service on warrenty as long as it is a Dodge dealership that does repairs ect. I wouldnt deal with that department again.

As far as the lemon law in Texas, you can go to the law library in Houston and look up everything you need there. There is also a paralegal service in Houston that you can call and get all the information about having them buy back or getting you a replacement Nitro. There is also a Free Lawyers Center in Houston you can call for advisement. I dont have the numbers for them any longer since I havent lived in Houston in years. But a few calls and you should be able to get the numbers fast. I think its called Harris county something Lawyers association... something like that.

I am sorry you are having so many problems, but after it is running the way it should, you will love it like the rest of us Nitroheads ;) I have had a few problems with mine but I have stuck with her and just named her Cybil after the movie ROFL.

Being a woman, going into them places, I got the same treamment as your wife probably did... I went in there all dolled up and talked shop. JUST because Im female does NOT give them the right to treat me like I have no clue! :Na_Na_Na_Na:

Best of luck to you!
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ya, my Wife went in there and put her foot down, She may not know what she is talking about, but darn it if she isn't a convincing bull S*** er
hey Cpt J,
I hope u get a better respondence from Dodge then I did, my nitro had alot of issues when it was new too. I wrote Dodge not once, but three times, and still till this day never got any type of respondence. still waiting to here from them, but its been over 5 months.
thats not very encouraging.
I guess the saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease is only correct if you squeak LOUD enough to annoy somebody really bad.
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I just read through this whole thread...

Stay on em Cap'n - How can Chrysler expect you to pay them around 30k for a vehicle and have THIS much trouble with under 3k miles?!?!

If you call them enough, you'll eventually get someone who understands that.

Good luck, friend.
thought I would share

I thought I would share the replies I got from Chrysler via email:

Dear Jeff:

Thank you for contacting the Dodge Customer Assistance Center
the rear axel in your 2008 Dodge Nitro.

I contacted Charlie, Service Manager, at Rogers Dodge of Alvin.
stated that they have contacted Technical Support regarding the issue
with the rear axel on your vehicle. Charlie stated that he is waiting
for a reply. He will be in touch with me as soon as he is contacted.
After I receive and review the information I requested, I will contact

We regret the issues you have experienced and appreciate the
for review.

Thank you again for your email.



Customer Service Representative
Chrysler Customer Assistance Center

and then I replied with:

Thank you for the reply, As I am sure, with the now second major
with the rear axle, you can see my concern with there being another
time, and another and another, possibly causing a major accident on the

freeway and injury or death to my family.
Please keep me updated as to what steps are being taken and what we can

do if there is another major problem. I believe that 3 times qualifies for Lemon law. and this is number 2

to which they reply with:

Dear Jeff:

Thank you for your email reply concerning the rear axel in your 2008
Dodge Nitro.

Your email has been received and the concerns you have raised are

After thoroughly reviewing your request and the files on this matter,
respectfully concur with the decision rendered by our Customer Service

Thank you for taking the time to communicate with us. It is
that a more favorable reply can not be provided.

We understand your concern with this issue and appreciate the
opportunity for review.

Thank you again for your email.


Customer Service Representative
Chrysler Customer Assistance Center

to me this sounds like they are confident that they can find and fix the problem this time
in which case they don't need to deal with lemon law or buying the vehicle back from us.
we will see what happens.

what I was told from "Charlie" is that the problem this time is the exact same part that broke and instead of replacing
the part in question, they are installing a full axle assembly.

so back to waiting......,.
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Sounds to me like a step in the right direction, however, I typically demand immediate response in cases like that. (as opposed to "I'll let you know what I learn when I learn it" type comments)
Fight your battle at your pace, of course, but rest assured, you won't get an inch more than you demand, and not a second sooner than you demand it!
Good luck, and keep us posted!

If you continue to have problems at Rogers, come on down to Don Davis in Lake Jackson...I've been buying cars from them since 2000 and have never had an issue with their service dept.

Freeport, Tx
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