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Been reading a lot of this forum and really enjoy it.

Inferno Red SLT
10,000 Km
No problems.
Wife loves it.

Other than Synthetic oil nothing (((((((YET))))))))

Mods to be done
EZ billet Grille
Luminics Hyper white H13 Headlights
Luminics Hyper white H3 Fog lights
Mud Flaps
Tow Hitch
Cold air intake. (When ever K&N develops one)

Once the warranty expires the list goes on. LOL:D

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Welcome from Calgary

Welcome to the forum! If you like this forum half as much as I do ...
I grew up less than 100Kms from where you live! Like your name too; I worked up in the Arctic and saw a few wild polarbears ... some of them were skinned and stretched though . . .

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David Louis Harter

It did do the stall once but that was it. I did bring it in for the shifting problem but it was not a major issue and they did adjust the trani and it does shift smoother now.

As for the oil I am using Quaker State 5W-30 Advanced full Synthetic.

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As far as the name goes. It has been a nickname for years.
Think Big white Linbacker


Thanks for the welcome:ura1: vbmenu_register("postmenu_23037", true);
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