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** OFFICIAL ** Hood Brackets for Gas Shocks Mod. Thread

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As many of you know, I make the brackets for the Hood Gas Shocks Mod. They attach the Gas Shocks to the hood and utilize the ball mounting already attached to the Nitro engine compartment. This mod makes the prop rod redundant and the shocks hold up the hood. See pics below.
If anyone wants to do this mod but cannot make the brackets themselves, I would gladly supply them. Just send me a PM and I'll explain the cost and shipping in more details.
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I found a place (auto parts place on the way home) that could order in some hood lift supports for a '96 Ford Taurus (the same one's you are using) and I should be able to get them tomorrow. They said they are made by Monroe.
I need to get busy now and paint those fantastic brackets CL fabricated so I can complete this mod! I want to get one of those billet grilles or are they called bumper grilles for the area below the front bumper where the A/C cooler is. I want to protect that from accidental damage from highway debris!
Good one John, post part #'s when you get them just in case someone else needs the info.
Ok, I got the gas shocks from the auto parts place (CarQuest in Hamilton, ON):

They didn't sell the little knobby thingies the top end of the shocks need to affix to the brackets. So, I went to my dealer and bought a pair:

But, these knobby thingies are too big to fit into the end of the gas shocks. I guess I need to grind them down to size!! :confused:

I thought I would have everything I needed to finish this off, but not yet!! :mad:
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Hey John, you should be able to get the "little knobby thingies" in a smaller size. Be careful if you do grind them down, if they are too small they might fall out.
After fitting remember to close the hood very carefully on the first attempt just to make sure nothing hits and the gas shocks compress.
Good luck and lets see some of your pics.
Hey, how about putting my step by step instructions into a "how to" for everyone else to see...
Thanks for the additional information and warnings, that's why I posted my "progress" (if you can call it that) on this mini-mod. I don't know where else to get those knobby thingies from....any suggestions? The auto parts store said i need to get them off of a car!! That makes no sense coming from an auto parts supplier! I almost fell on the floor laughing. he wasn't impressed, but i didn't care, I thought that was a stupid answer to my question. He could've just said he doesn't stock them.

Which instructions are those you are referring to? The paper that came with the brackets in the mail?
Thanks buddy! I have one filed down to the point where it will fit nicely into the socket end of the shock and I can replace the metal retainer clippy thingy. It seems secure and I can't pull it off with my manly grip! :chuckle:

Now I have to repeat the filing step on the second one, paint the brackets, install the suckers, and do the how-to!!! :i_rolleyes: Good thing I'm on vacation!

let me know how you guys make out with finding the correct shocks and mounting hardware (I call them "knobby thingies"). I bought some shocks but they are WAY WAY too strong! Couldn't find the right sized ball studs either.
I've been emailing back and forth with Lou from and he quoted me this:

It seems, the MightyLift 95230 has over 70lbs of pressure, which is WAY to much, almost double the pressure required. These ones for the Honda CRX are quoted as 44ils and the uncompressed and compressed lengths are in the proper range. They come with the ball stud thingies also! I ordered a pair late yesterday, should get them in a week or two!
UPDATE: I got my lift supports in the mail today from and they seem to be the one's required for this application. They came with the little knobbie thingies too! Now i need to find the correct bolts and I'm ready to put these things on my Nitro!!! :Banana01::Banana01:
please let us know how the lower pressure shocks work
I think these will work great! The ones I bought previously had the wrong sized ball socket thingie on the upper end and I had all sorts of trouble finding the correct sized ball stud thingies. I evenutally found some larger ones and filed them down, but I didn't feel good about them. Then I tried to install the gas shocks I purchased, but they were almost 2x the pressure required. I couldn't even compress them at all manully. :mad:

I PM'd Lou and he set me up with the correct shocks and the correct ball stud thingies. These shocks can be compressed manually, so I think they will work. I just have to find the correct bolts now and I'm ready to go! :wiggle2:
Ok, success finally! :bis:

I got some M8 (metric) sized nuts today at Home Depot, the kind with the plastic inserts. I guess they are considered locking nuts. I dunno, I ain't no mechanic, eh! :D
Yes they'll work Waldorf. They are nylock nuts. They work just fine.

So when are we gonna see some pics...

I was planning on pics, but when I looked at my efforts, they were rather blurry! I have to re-shoot! :chuckle::chuckle:
That's not the camera, it's your
you bug-ger! Here is the pics!

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Looks good Waldorf. Just needs the paint now.:rep:
So what shocks did you end getting?
thanks for the points bud! :wiggle2:

I got these:

I bought some spray paint (electric blue, of course!) from my dealer a while ago, but I never took them off once I installed them....they look so purdy!! :smileup:
Do you have a p/n for the ball stud thingys?
have you not read the posts here? see post #16! and the one I sent sent to limey! :wiggle2:
Great job! :rep: but I think you should paint the brackets Orange! :chuckle:
thanks for the point buddy! Sorry, I bought blue spray paint already!!! :chuckle:
I would love to get ahold of those, whats the cost to have all the parts shipped to me? I am pretty handy, so installation with your guide I should be able to do it. Thanks
see post #1 in this thread for details!!! :wave:
Do you have any pictures of your installation? If you do would you post them please.
Welcome to the forum!!
I have pics in my photo gallery. Have a look, if you can't find them, let me know!
:Racing:Waldorf, great job looks real good, too much trouble totake off and paint them, again looks great
no, not to much trouble, I've just been real busy with other stuff. they are okay like that until I get around to it!
OK My hood struts were working since Limey sold me brackets (thanks again) but now hood wants to close on own Somebody tell me a good strong strut # that will keep hood up for more than 6 months
I guess you didn't read the posts in this thread very closely, cuz you missed it! :chuckle: A number of posts back, I posted a link to another thread where I describe what and where I got my gas shocks. check this out:

good luck!
thats the ones I got now and they are too weak to hold hood up they worked ok for the first few months now wants to close looking to see if there is a lil heavier strut anybody discovered
wow, really? I don't open my hood too much, but I've had mine for a few months now too, and I haven't had the same experience. Maybe they were defective or something. Sorry to hear that! The thing is, you don't want to get any that are too much stronger than 44lbs pressure. I wonder if there is a way to measure what yours are at right now and see if they have lost pressure somehow?
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