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Oil filter location sucks!!!

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The new Nitro got it's first oil change and let me say that it was the biggest pain in the a$$ to do of any vehicle I have ever owned. Not sure if this has already been discussed but I have to vent. Whoever designed the location of the oil filter on the 3.7L needs to have his balls put in a vise and squeezed. This being the first time I've changed oil in this vehicle I was a little lost. By that I mean it took me a little while to even find the filter. Once I located it, removing it was to say the least, miserable. Once I finally got the filter off the rest went pretty smoothly. I suggest to anyone that changes their own oil in these things to use the K&N filter (HP2009) because it will make your life a lot easier. These filters are a little more expensive than others but with the 1" nut on the end of the filter it's worth it. Having this nut made it hugely easier to install. All you need is a long handled 1" wrench and your good to go. I don't care if these filters cost $30 each, I'd still buy them just because of the sheer ease of installation. Just thought I'd share that.
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Are the guys saying "easy" ones with 4x4 front differential?

My guess is that 4x4 owners have more stuff in the way of the filter. I don't know how a person could get a hand up in there.
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