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Oil Leak This Morning

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HI all,
I had a oil change about 2 weeks ago and didnt notice any thing wrong till this morning. I have a oil puddle under my rig that was not there yesterday- I park in the same spot at work everyday. My husband who works here also took a quick look and says maybe the idiots who changed the oil didnt put the oil filter on tight enough and he will try and check it out tonight when we get home. Do you all think this is possible- I sure wish this bad juju would leave me & my nitro I love it but seems like its always something new happening and it aint good.

Anyone else have this problem incase its not the filter???
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ok So i was right its WAS NOT resisdual oil from the oil change- There is no way it would still be dripping 3 weeks later so the original mechanic who did the change put it up on the lift and checked it out- it was a bad filter- I knew i wasnt nuts about this the sevice manager couldnt even apologize only told me when handing my keys " 3 times is a charm" What a smart ass.........
But i dont care its fixed now after going back and forth 3 times.
thanks to all that replied.......................
Glad you found it! I had mine changed Friday and not a drop anywhere
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