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On my way to buy a Nitro...

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Hey all. I'm a notoriously stingy individual, and vowed never to buy a NEW vehicle. After my wife was T-boned in our Plymouth minivan, I decided a brand new Nitro will be the best remedy. Love that styling!! I'm an airbrush painter, and can't wait to get my brushes on those body panels! Anyway, I've found my vehicle. It's almost exactly what I want, but I was planning on the 2x4. The one I found is the 4x4. The sticker is $29,500. Having never bought a new car, I'm hoping to find out how much wiggle room the dealer's going to have with me here... I've been told to go in with $5000 in my pocket and offer him $24,000... But I don't want to be insulting, and I don't want to get 'had'. Anyone got any ideas? And I'll be posting pics as soon as I get iit!!! Look forward to talking to you all...
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An update...

Well, I'm going in to see a dealer tomorrow, after A LOT of research. The Nitro is NOT selling well in this area, and the 18 dealers I have within 50 kilometres have a total of 152 of 'em sitting there, and have been for the last couple of weeks. There's 2 I'm interested in on this dealer's lot, and another I like about 45 Kms away, but they can always do a dealer trade. I've read all the articles, know my price points, am ready to walk away at a moments notice, and the Ace up my sleeve is that my dad buys a car from this guy every year and a half to two years. (I don't take after him at all in that respect...) I'll keep you posted, and hopefully have pics next time!
Manual vs. Auto..

Actually, I'm partial to the stick, especially since the auto is a $1500 option! (What can I say, I'm Scottish!?) But of those 152 Nitros, only 2 are standards! What gives? I prefer to be in control of my vehicle, instead of point-and-shoot... Oh well..
Got It!!

Well, I went down last week and talked out the deal with the salesman, and then picked it up Saturday after work! Woohooo! It's an Electric Blue SXT/ Auto, with the Sirius radio. How did I live without satelite radio?!? Anyway, the sticker was $28,350 and I got it for 25,000 with the $500 gas card. I'm happy with the deal, and exstatic about the vehicle. Got a few tweeks I want to do, like fog lights, maybe some custom airbrushing.... If I see you in the Hammer, I'll wave...
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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