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Ongoing issues 07 SXT

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Im sure that most of these points have been addressed before but i wanted to see if anyone had come accross all the same issues with one vehicle

I purchased new 09.07 a SXT and since then there have been numerous issues with the car

Aircon replacement
Torque Converter replacement
Windows not working properly
Radio displaying "mech comm error"

Early in the life of the vehicle it displayed a shudder we holding a constant speed on the open road which got progressivly worse, from low speed to cruising speed - it almost felt like it was missing or failing to get enough petrol

On several occasions the window on auto up and down only go 80% of the way before stopping and then retreating completly to where they started from

The radio now when you get into the car procedds to make sounds like its loading 40 CD's before coming up with and error on the display saying "mech comm error"

Whilst i have read that some of you are seeing similar issues i have yet to see anyone who is showing all the issues above with the same vehicle

The vehicle has been in for service on 7 seperate occasions and to be hinest whilst some issues have been fixed i find myself anticipating what will go wrong next

Anyone car to comment on the above ?

Many thanks

Fustrated NZ Nitro driver
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hey there robert, thanks for the words, i have spoken with the dealer and they are bringing me a replacement nitro tomorrow, a diesel one . . . . hmmmmmm, but they have said i can either wait till march and the will swap this out with a new one or i can pay the extra and jump into a diesel one next week

what model do you have ?
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