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only 2 channels on the pac cr-chy2 adapter?

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this ebay auction says the new adapter only allows 2 inputs? i want left, right, and front and back, which adapter allows me to do this?

I'm planning a(n)

new head unit
all 4 new speakers
4 channel amp for speakers
subwoofer amp
and a sub box

which adapter do i need?
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If you are going to run a 4 channel amp and a sub amp you are going to be running RCA cables to the amps from the new head unit so those wire mean nothing to you. And I am running that adapter and the front and rears are set digitally with the pac adapter. It only has two inputs so I can get left and right the front and rear it set by the amp.
And that’s not a good price I paid 79.99 from a local dealer for that adapter
You need that adapter to do it right and not void your warranty. And the adapter is the way you get your ignition wire the stock radio gets it on signal from the can-bus system your aftermarket deck needs a +12 volts source to turn the deck on the nitro does not have that. This adepter talks to the can-bus system and give you that +12 volt to tell the deck to come on. You can wire directly to the fuse box but then you lose the deck shutting off when the door opens and that’s another wire running throw your dash that has +12 for noise.
You will wire the deck to the needed wires in this harness then the deck to the amps and the amps to the speakers.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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