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only 2 channels on the pac cr-chy2 adapter?

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this ebay auction says the new adapter only allows 2 inputs? i want left, right, and front and back, which adapter allows me to do this?

I'm planning a(n)

new head unit
all 4 new speakers
4 channel amp for speakers
subwoofer amp
and a sub box

which adapter do i need?
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so do i need this harness for replacing the basic sxt radio with an aftermarket radio? I suppose i just need to plug the 22 pin part of the harness into the car, and wire from there?
what if i unplugged the factory radio, and ran all new wires for everything?

this sounds really complicated
ok, let me rephrase that

what on the harness will i wire to my radio? i'll wire the radio to the amps, then amps directly to the speakers? or do i need to run those amp outs back into the harness?
gotcha, i see now, thanks! I really appreciate your help! so "wire the deck to the needed wires in this harness " means just the 12 volt acc. wire?

also, can i run the aplified signal from the amp into this harness?( cause the harness will distribute the wires where they go) or do i run new wires to each speaker?
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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